Monday, January 23, 2012

Loving Life with you

I really enjoy participating in the challenges over at Punky Scraps and best of all they are based in the UK! So glad there is a great challenge blog dedicated to Scrapbooking here. I saw this challenge (number 37) where one needs to draw inspiration from a vintage coke advert. The advert itself is in a grid like fashion with the 4 seasons being depicted. At first I thought I would take my inspiration into vintage, then into the grids - but then I am not really a grid person. Then finally I had an idea and took the inspiration into the seasons.
This fit my style perfectly and I am quite happy with the layout. I have done 12 layouts so far this year and this is my favourite. I chose 4 pictures of my daughter having fun in the 4 different seasons. SO there is a picture of her at Easter, having ice cream in the summer, rolling around in the leaves in the fall and opening crackers in Winter/ Christmas

For the background I sprayed mists in the corresponding colours - so for fall it was an orange/brown, Spring - green, Summer - yellow and Winter - red
I then created little banners at the bottom. On the sides and I include pictures here of the detail I cut little circles and punched out the negative of something to do with that season. So for Spring - a tulip, for Summer a butterfly, for Fall a leaf and for Winter a snowflake
I then code some words to do with that picture/ season as well. So for Spring I chose the word "PASSION" as my daughter loves chocolate! For summer I chose the word "TOGETHER" as the kids are at home a lot so we spend a lot of time together. For Fall I chose the word "ADORE" as one of my daughters favourite things to do is to roll around in the autumn leaves. Then finally for Winter I chose the word "HOME" as we tend to spend a lot of time at home as its usually cold outside. I say usually as this year has been so mild!
Then to tie it all together I used black alphas (which I never use) as I thought black would be great to tie in all the colours. However the little words I used were brown and black so I used a brown journalling spot and black alphas to bring it all together.
I am really happy with this one and will be looking at more challenges over at Punky Scraps
thanks for looking!!!


  1. This is awesome! My thoughts would have went towards seasons as well. I love your misting and title work! Great page!

  2. This is really neat! I love all the different pics of each season.

  3. this is gorgeous!! :-) love what you did with the punches!!
    Do check back at the blog for more challenges i'd love too see more of your work over there!
    Nat (owner - punky scraps) x