Friday, April 19, 2013

Oh Baby!!!!

My eldest daughter got a place at the local school (we had been on the waiting list for awhile) In just 5 days at BIG GIRL school she has grown so much....Time flies so fast with kids....! I know everyone says that but I am only now 3 kids later really getting to terms with this "issue" and trying to stop life a bit and enjoy the craziness and business of it all  - more.  This is one of the big reasons (amongst a million others...) why I love scrapbooking so much - it forces one to take note, slow down and remember those moments, which if I did not scrapbook I would probably never "revisit"
I then decided to scrapbook a picture of me pregnant with her!  She is 5 now so this is an oldie....!

I went a bit crazy with this layout and just kept adding lots of stuff on top and layering lots of different materials and types of embellishments . I pretty much stayed true to the sketch over at Sarah's Cards blog for the challenge of the month- - it can be found here:

However, everything I added had some meaning or another - it was not a random choice!! The sunshine quote/stamp from Ali Edwards was perfect as her nickname is sunshine.  I love that quote and literally bought that stamp set to use on her pages.  I used 3 MME pins two yellow hearts to represent my hubby and I and a smaller orange one to represent her.

The pic of the airplane at the top is also not random! She was born in Brazil and my hubby and I had been apart for 2 months whilst he was in the UK.  This pic was taken on his first day back and we went out for lunch.  The words I choose in the wood veneer pertain to my thankfulness to be pregnant and  to be having a healthy baby on the way.  I had been told that due to a serious thyroid malfunction I have it would be difficult to conceive, and yet it was not, so I choose words which reflected how I felt about this: "wish", "you are here" and "thank you".
I love the MME button which says: "good for one ride."  When I bought it I thought "I am never going to use that one"and so I kept in anyway just in case.  I am so glad I did as I was a massive pregnant lady  (I was massive with all my kids though) and people kept asking me if I was pregnant with twins all the time so I felt this button was PERFECT!!! Hence why I gave it more prominence and added it to the centre of the page.

Thanks for looking!!!!


  1. Great layout! I love all the little details.
    Tracy. x

  2. Lots of stuff is good, in my book. Congrats to Big girl and mummy.

  3. Love all the little touches and their relevance. Thanks for playing along with our challenge :)

  4. Wow what detail. Thanks for taking part :)