Friday, May 10, 2013

Lots of layering !!!!!

I am super stoked about layering!!!!! It uses up stuff and I love all the dimension it creates.  I have taken Jen Jockisch's class on layering and now I'm taking the second edition and I'm loving it!
I have made these 2 layouts whilst taking the class.  Studio Calico has amazing classes and lots of the time one gets a free little kit!!!!

This one is a picture of my daughter and my then baby (he is now 18 months! gee...) meeting for the first time! It was an amazing moment so I placed the picture in the centre and worked from there just adding lots of layers.  I wanted to layer on various tags but to make it interesting I did something different to each one. I stamped and embossed a few of them and then added a tag with the number 2.  I got one of the frames I have been hoarding and backed it with a Hambly transparency

Hello Favourites
I am scrapping a lot of Instax pictures recently just because my pile of Instax was getting out of hand.  This is a layout about my 18 month old with his favorite toys at the moment.  Wait how did he get from  the first layout to this one???? Gee just noticed I subconsciously spelled favorites the British way.... I have been in the UK too long!!!

Thanks for looking!!!

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